Choice Green - With us, you no longer have to shop around for experience.

Sometimes being honest isn't a great policy, but for the sake of good business, we retain the right to refuse service to anyone who is uncooperative, or inhospitable over the phone, via text message, or in person.

We are not salesmen. We're a handyman & contracting service .  We don't engage in up-selling.  We can help you by buying mounts on-line, or the most practical places in the city.  Combine work & save (if we your curtains, television , and shelving on the same day, we can offer additional discounts).

Important message to all potential customers:
0% Third party information.  The person we spoke with over the phone, via text, or e-mail, should be the person getting the work done, or the person who approves the work (This goes for anyone working for Mr. Mayor De'Blasio or The "Donald" himself).  If the person we've communicated with isn't the person getting the work done, we must have detailed information regarding what they want done, and have it signed by that person along with some type of identification.

We do not have a secretary or third party who books/commissions us to do work. When you call, text, or e-mail us, the person responding, is the person coming to perform the work.  We require detailed information in advance. Anything other than detailed information, will be subject to a price change upon arrival, if the details of the work, do not match up with the on site assessment/project.

Due to the amount of work we've done over the years, if we were to display it all on this website, you'd be on here for an hour.  For a few projects we haven't posted here, and even more testimonials, click the link to our YouTube Channel here.

Here is how we stack up in the extremely important, price vs. experience department

We treat your home, office, home office, and business with respect. We respectfully ask you show the same respect for our technicians. We ask also respectfully ask that you keep pets and children out of harms way.

We have 25 years of experience under our tool belts
We are transparent. As you can tell from the amount of content on our website, we want you to see everything that we're doing, from the jobs, to the customers, to what we charge.
We have a number of individuals, that will assist you, who are experienced in different areas. Lawrence, Kenny, Kevin (you'll hear their names mentioned or see them performing the work in the video testimonials we've provided for you), and a few others are well versed in everything from Ikea & Crate & Barrel Furniture assembly, to the mounting of Ceiling Fans, Removal of air conditioners, to the installation of televisions & Microwave ovens.

Our services cover many varying areas of handyman work and exterior plumbing, as well as many other areas of residential & commercial work. Everything from Baby proofing to lite Punch Out work in the New York City area. Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan.
We can shop for you. We save you money, & time, so that you don't purchase something that's too far out of your budget, & even more importantly, not needed. You have reached out to service providers, that respond quickly & work efficiently & effectively. Every job performed by us is hands on.  From the research before hand, going over what you would like done step-by-step so we get it right the first time, to what the we can do to save you time & money so that you get the most from our service & experience.

We do not charge you more when we get to your location,  if all of the details you confirm with us via text message or e-mail, match the details at your home/apartment/business.

Most customers deal with dishonesty, from other handyman, and from manufacturers. For example: Did you know that, when you go to a store like Best Buy or P.C. Richard and Sons, when you see a television on display, the controls are, in some cases, manipulated, so that you see the higher priced televisions on "sale" at their optimum settings? This happens at Ikea too.

We do not engage in up-selling. We deal with facts, not fudge. For example: If you want to run/conceal the wires inside of the wall, for a television installation, and the wall has insulation inside of it, we charge more for that, because of the time it takes to remove the insulation that is blocking us from feeding them into the wall.  When the wall is composed of double thick sheetrock/drywall, it is impossible to tell what's going on inside of it, including fire stops (crossbeams inside of the wall), without drilling into first. It is impossible for us to know that in advance, without the blueprints of the wall the television is going on, or advanced knowledge from the superintendent or landlord. Sometimes we'll run into fire stops or crossbeams that further impede the ability to run wires in the wallWe do charge more for it, when we encounter it.

You just found out about the best New York City Handyman professionals.

What do you want to know about us? First off, we're local professionals, from New York City. We're General contractors & also perform Handyman Services from Renovating Rental Properties & Apartments to Commercial Buildings & Offices Spaces.  We've Even completed projects in Bars & Restaurants. We do punch out work for real estate (contact us for details), and we even do work for you if you're sharing an apartment.

Our skills cover an array of services from children's furniture assembly to ceiling fans. Office furniture assembly to Kitchen Cabinet installation & Assembly. Microwave oven installation to exterior plumbing issues & solutions.
We're Available on short notice on weekdays in some cases.
We know NY buildings, from the newly renovated lofts in Williamsburg Brooklyn, to the prewar buildings in Queens.
We post real photo's/videos of completed projects, as well as work in progress.
We install Home Theaters & Surround Sound Systems, assemble Ikea and Crate&Barrel furniture (we also handle CB2, Z-Line, Sauder, Bush, Bo Concept, B.D.I, West Elm, Land of Knod, Stokke and MANY more), but our MOST requested & performed service is television wall installation/mounting.
Quality, Honesty, Experience, & Testimonials:
We do our homework, so you don't ever have your patience tested. We have over 4 years licensed & insured experience, & 30 years of cumulative experience, as of January 2013.
When you give us upfront & transparent details, we give you quotes, not estimates
We are never in any rush, which is why the only hourly charge we have applies to furniture assembly for offices, bars/restaurants or home based businesses.
At some customers request, we gone with them to purchase items, so that they get the right item for the project.
We work efficiently, & as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Now that you who we are, Hire us to work for you!

New York City Handyman for Manhattan, Queens Brooklyn, and Select areas of NJ too. TV, Television LCD LED Installations. Ikea Assembly. We are the best television installation experts in the New York City area of New York.

We are now an INSURED Contractor & handyman service for the New York City area. Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island & Staten Island
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