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Please **do not** give us the specific area you live in, before we are hired to do the work. We only ask that you let us know what borough you live in.  Ie: do not tell us you live in Park Slope, or Park Avenue, or Riverside drive, as we do not factor the area of the borough you live in, only the borough itself, so we can determine travel time/tolls/gas/etc. 

You may call or text us at: 347-992-1870 -
If your building has a service entrance, or an entrance that doesn't have a "traditional" entrance, regardless of whether or nor the building requires insurance, please let us know in advance. It helps us arrive at your front door (The front door of your apartment/residence, and not down stairs), at the exact time we're supposed to arrive for your appointment. 

Choice Green guarantee is as follows: If we're unavailable to answer your call, we will contact you within one hour of your voice mail message/text message. ** Reception in New York City for cell phones is spotty at times, so we ask that if your call doesn't go through, because we're working in an area like Williamsburg Brooklyn, in one of the apartment buildings that's been converted from an old warehouse, please keep this in mind when you call.
Please, provide us with as many details as possible so we can give you a quote, not an estimate.

(e-mail inquiry/contact form below this message. Please read the important information below the contact form before sending a request. We thank you in advance)

{Please, inform your roommate, building concierge, or anyone else to expect us at the time & date you set forth, if you're not there to allow us access to your residence}

You may leave your information with us anytime of the day or night. We will respond to any request up to 10pm EST.

Please be sure to check your spam folder, when expecting a response from us, as e-mail filters sometimes treat unknown messages as spam.  Please include the date and time you're sending the message in the comments, so that we may judge our response time for the servers that track what time the messages are coming through, vs. when you send them, so that we can keep an accurate log on when your service request came through.  We thank you in advance.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
You can send us a camera phone picture of any item, or a camera phone picture of the website page, showcasing the item, to the above number, or simply send us the link straight from the website you purchased the item from.
Please have whatever payment option you select, ready for us upon completion of the work. We do not carry change.

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