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Home Theater and Television installation Services
the prices below include the following: tools, labor, & a 9x12 foot plastic tarp for dust/debris
(Wall Anchors, we provide, free of charge)

Straight talk from our clients:
Manhattan New York Chelsea Manhattan Television Installation. (Repeat Customer 7 Television Installations) New York City Choice Green Handyman.  Here's what Chad has to say about our service, more specifically about Universal Television wall mounts (google review from 5/5/15) -
Ive been using this service for years and have always been impressed by their work. Very knowledgeable and professional. He helped me find a mount based on the VESA standard of the TV which helps them determine whether or not the mount actually fits the TV vs a universal mount which may not always work and will save you time and money!! I will be calling them for my next installation as i have for the past 4 years and at least 7 previous installs for sure.

NOW here is Chad's VIDEO testimonial from 2013:
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15% off of on any Home Theater request, Tuesdays & Thursdays, when paying with PayPal (not to be combined with any other offer).

Mounting 2 televisions on the same day? Pay through PayPal, and get 20% off (not to be combined with any other offer. Limit 2 television installations per visit)
Universal wall mounts, do NOT exist. (video example below)

We feel the obligation to address this, as it continues to occur.   (which is mainly why we do not include the television mount, without knowing first the model number of the television, in regards to how you would like it to be mounted)

In the video below, is a prime example of what we mean (If you have yet to purchase your television mount, call us before you do)
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Tv wall mounting new york Bronx coop city
As previously explained, there is no such thing as a universal television wall mount. Each television is set to the standards of the manufacturer, and not even home depot carries the millimeter bolts.

Trying to get one of our television's off the wall, is as difficult as pulling the proverbial sword from a stone.
Television wall mounting prices:
Exposed brick walls, and walls with a sheetrock surface, that have brick directly behind them, will have an additional charge of $45.00 and up. 
Concrete, Concrete/Plaster is a completely different material/substance, compared to CEMENT.

CEMENT is the material that the sidewalk is composed of.  It is VERY dense, and VERY hard to drill into.
(additional television installation fees apply for cement walls -  $75.00 and up additional cost), on all televisions.
All articulation/swivel mount setup installations, carry an additional charge,starting at $15.00-$60.00, depending on the composition of the wall (Brick/concrete or Sheetrock/drywall/ concrete & plaster mix or cement), Your location, the size of the television (we've mounted 70 and 80 inch televisions), & also depends on whether or not the mount needs to be assembled.

$135.00 for televisions 32 inches & under (includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$150.00* 42 inches to 37 inches
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$175.00 43 inches to 47 inches
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$195.00 48 inch televisions
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$210.00 50 inches
(All tv's 50 inches & above are a 2 man job)
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$235.00 53 inches to 57 inches
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$250.00 60 inches to 65 inches
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$305.00 67 inches to 72 inches
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)

$365.00 starting price for any television 72-80 inches & above
(includes wire concealment, up to 4 feet, for 3 wires, outside of the wall. Manhattan & Brooklyn only)
 Exposed Brick Walls/Mantles/Fireplace Television Installation

Our Sword in the Stone guarantee ©2015  for New York City Television Installation & New York City Home Theater Installation.

If your television is going onto an exposed brick wall, we cannot for any reason, regardless of what the rental property/management/landlord or superintendent says, drill into and/or subsequently mount your television mount onto the mortar (the concrete that holds the bricks together). It does not hold anchors well, and we will not assume the risk. We must drill into brick, for the television wall mount to hold. This includes mounting televisions above the fireplace mantle that has exposed brick
Drilling into any wall composed of Sheetrock/Drywall/concrete-plaster, that has brick directly underneath/behind it, is not an exact science.  There is no instrument to determine whether we're drilling into brick or mortar, and will always take more time to mount, without knowing the exact position of the brick, juxtaposed to where the mount for the television should be anchored, so that it remains stable.
*******(video example below)******
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Television wall install, brick wall post war nyc mounting a tv on a post war building wall, isn't always straight forward
*Special note to Peter Cooper Village, Oval and the residents in Stuyvesant town (In Manhattan NY, not far from Union Square), all of the walls are pretty much the same. We KNOW how to mount ANY television you may need installed. NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO FIND STUDS IN THE WALL TO MOUNT FLAT SCREEN PLASMA-LCD-LED TELEVISIONS IN Stuyvesant Town! As a matter of fact, there are no studs in Stuyvesant Town walls.

Televisions are measured diagonally across the screen to determine the size.  This is very important information regarding how we quote a project.  If you purchase a one arm swivel mount (articulation wall mount or cantilever wall mount), and there is no stud near where you want us to mount the television, we can only mount it on the nearest available stud.

Television Installation above a winding staircase, on a brick wall (no safety net) 7/17/13
This customer failed to tell us about the staircase, that was juxtaposed to where he wanted to mount the television, and was subsequently charged an additional an additional fee, for the degree of difficulty in performing our task.  Details are important to us. Failing to mention we're putting a television above a stair case, without the aid of a ladder or platform, for our safety and insurance, doesn't assist either of us, when we come in under-prepared to ensure we do our job to the best of our ability
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Tv install on Brick, above winding Staircase, Manhattan New York, Insured Handyman, Choice Green
http://www.nyctvmountingikea.comWe are insuredCall or text 347-992-1870Serving all of New York CityCommercial and Residential

FOR SHEETROCK WALLS ONLY: We can install an outlet (one power source), behind your television, (up to 5 & 1/2 feet), without the need for an electrician.  Prices start at $150.00, which includes the powerbridge itself.  This price is only available when we're commissioned to install the television at the time of the installation of a outlet (otherwise known as a powerbridge).

If were only installing the powerbridge/outlet, prices start at $205.00, which includes the powerbridge itself. (if we have to remove the television wall mount to install it, there will be an additional charge for that as well).
Depending on your televisions size, and your location, mount prices start at $65.00 (that's in addition to our initial charge for all television mounting services, which is a price even Best Buy's Geek Squad, PC Richards, J&R Music World, and B&H cannot beat).

The following option is only available for customers that leave deposits:
Call us, and we'll point you in the direction from a traditional brick & mortar store in NYC or where you can purchase one online, without buying something that may be inferior in quality or too expensive. When you leave a deposit for television installations, and you're purchasing the mount of your own volition, we locate the most inexpensive, quality mount for you, based on your budget.

Mounts & televisions we've installed:
Sanus, Rocketfish, Dynex, Cheetah,
Mounts Made Simple,
Mounts to Go, Monoprice, Samsung,
White Westinghouse,Sony, LG, Phillips,
Magnovox, Panasonic, HP, Vizio, Sharp,
Coby, Viking, Ollo, Omni, etc.
Home Theater Installation Services & Surround Sound System Installations
(specifically Home theater sound systems / surround sound home theater systems / surround sound systems/ sound bar-wireless sub woofer)
Prices starting at $130.00

Includes hook up & wall mounting. This does not include the recession or organization of the wires inside of the wall or outside of the wall, with cord concealers or cord organizers.

*Not to be combined with any other offers.
Wire concealment (hiding/organizing the wires):
$35.00 and up wire concealment/organization needs, inside of the wall. For wires running outside of the wall, the charge is $40.00 and up, depending on how much material needs to be used.

Television installation, for any installs in the New York City Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens areas.

You can enjoy the best in New York City Home Theater Installation
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