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the prices below include the following: tools, labor

We can also handle corporate furniture assembly.  We are insured.  Contact us at (347) 992-1870 for details. Videos of projects we've done, can be seen on our Work In Progress Page.

You can text us with this information, but it's best when you e-mail us (or fill out the form below)

The checklist below, is not meant for us to be hands off. We prefer to speak to customers over the phone, to get as much accurate information as humanly possible. Emphasis on human. The checklist, is for the people who do not have the time to spend with us on the phone (as we have no secretary), when we ask them questions, in regards to the work they would like us to do.

Ikea Assembly Options
Please provide your name, & contact information (e-mail/phone number/company name) Please provide article numbers (ex: 345.678.10) SKU numbers, Names or links to websites where you've purchashed these items.
Furniture Assembly Options (Please Check all that apply).
These items are brand new
These items are used
These items are being assembled in an empty space
These items need to be assembled in multiple rooms
The items are glass/mirrors or contain glass
These boxed items weigh more than 50lbs
These items are being attached to the wall
There are wall mounted items currently installed
The items are being wall mounted to cement
The items are being wall mounted to brick
The items are being mounted to sheetrock/drywall
The items have not arrived yet
The items are currently at my residence
Furniture needs to be moved to assemble items
I have taken measurements to ensure items fit
I have inspected these items for damages
I have kitchen cabinets, that require assembly
I have cabinets, that require assembly/install
I have items that need to be cut/measured
I have curtain rods that need to be cut/measured
These items need to be repaired
These items require disassembly
These items require reassembly
I am looking for a flat rate quote
I am lookin for an hourly rate
I am paying with cash
I am paying with a credit card
I require more than one person on the job
This work requires the use of a ladder
I am providing my own metal ladder
I would like the work to begin, after 7pm EST
This work is being done, in a residential space
The work is being done, in a commercial space
My furniture is assembled. I need it wall mounted.
I am located in
I would like the work to start, within 1 &1/2 hours (+/-) the time below.
I would like the work to start on this date

IF you have attempted assembly of type of furniture, and you commission us to finish, or repair what you have started, there will be an additional fee of $40.00 and up, per job, depending on what needs to be fixed, in regards to our insured standards.

We have someone on staff who can fabricate blueprints for Kitchen, bathroom, and closet designs.

Furniture assembly/installation Pricing

Assembly and installation, are two separate request, and while we bill them together, installation, does carry an additional fee, outside of assembly only.

Any screws/anchors that have to be drilled into a brick, concrete, Sheetrock, or cement wall, that requires a ladder, provided by ourselves, or you, has an additional and separate fee, starting at $40.00 and up.

Rates for furniture assembly, are as follows 

$35.00 an hour, per man, for Brooklyn & Manhattan. 3 hour minimum. No minimum after 3 hours (cash rate only).
If paying via credit card $40.00 per hour, per man (Brooklyn & Manhattan only), with a 2 hour minimum.

$30 dollars an hour on weekends, if paying cash, $35 dollars an hour if paying credit card

Additional $35.00 and up separate charge to travel outside of Brooklyn & Manhattan (additional fee is NOT an hourly rate)

****Any brand new items that have been removed from the box, outside of an air conditioner or television, so that you know they work before we arrive, that have been disassembled/partially assembled, will be subject to an additional fee if they have been incorrectly assembled, or damaged (if we can fix them), starting at $35.00 and up. ****

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Ikea disclosure Choice Green New York City Handyman Bay Ridge Brooklyn
Showing people just what goes into the assembly of Ikea pieces that can get complicated.http://www.nyctvmountingikea.comCall or text 347-992-1870We are insured

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Ikea full disclosure part 2 Choice Green Handyman new york
Showing people just what goes into the assembly of Ikea pieces that can get complicated.http://www.nyctvmountingikea.comCall or text 347-992-1870We are insured

 The following is in regards to the services we provide, pertaining to any and all furniture assembly in New York City Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island Manhattan, Long Island/Queens, and New Jersey.

We take no responsibility for parts, or pieces not included by the manufacturer.  Please check your inventory for all parts, pieces, screws, nuts, & bolts, etc, prior to our arrival.  We can only work with what it is at our disposalWe have time, tools, & experience.  If a part or piece is missing, we cannot work with something that is not there.

Ikea assembly, Crate&Barrel assembly, West Elm assembly, Bo Concept assembly, etc.
Installation of Kitchen Cabinets that need to be wall mounted (that are assembled by us), are not covered by the hourly rate, & carry an additional fee.
IKEA sells all of their wall mounting hardware separately.
If you purchased Ikea kitchen cabinets for assembly, make sure you have the rails, as they are sold separately. Ikea items do not come with wall anchors. They've been known to "forget" to inform the customer that the kitchen cabinets need to have rails that attach to the studs on the wall, which have to be purchased separately.

New York City Ikea Assembly Service for the 5 boroughs. Operating 7 days a week 9am to 7pm. Brooklyn, Queens Long Island, Manhattan, & The Bronx

Repair, & Disassembly, Assembly of Ikea, Crate & Barrel, CB2, and Bo Concept Brooklyn Queens/Manhattan New York, Long Island,
& Northeast New Jersey.

Ready to Assemble/Flat Pack/Knock Down Furniture brands we've dealt with on a consistent basis:
From high end furniture assembly Modani & Mirror Installation like Z Gallerie
Land of Nod, Sauder, O'Sullivan, Hon, etc.
Crate&Barrel, BDI, Bo Concept, West Elm,,
Staples, PrePac, Sauder, Bush, Pottery Barn,
Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot,
CB2, Ameriwood, Ikea
Office Max, Pottery Barn, Pier 1,
Williams Sonoma, Ethan Allen, Blu Dot,
Staples, South Shore, Bush, Bestar,
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