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Any amendments to the work commissioned, are to be detailed via text message or e-mail with a clear price for work & materials.

Any work order, that is not paid in full, upon completion, will be subsequently charged at least 35% of the original price, and the work will be immediately reversed.

The Facebook discount can also be applied to our Ikea hourly rate as well, after the total for the work is calculated. We accept cash/credit card (via PayPal & Square)/Payroll-Home Based Business Checks

WE NOW TAKE SQUARE! We also take PayPal (see the payment method page, located to the left, for details, where you will also see our OFFICIAL PayPal seal, which when clicked on, will bring you directly to the OFFICIAL PayPal Website.).

Any and all return visits are $80.00-no exceptions- so if you do not have anything this is not provided by us, as detailed before we arrive, that is required for us to complete the task you commission us for, there will be an $80.00 service fee to return.

If you schedule with us without a deposit (for non-insured work), the time you set is tentative, within a 1 hour window. We have arrived at an unnumbered amount of locations to perform work within 1 & 1/2 hours of the call. If you book work in advance, and leave a deposit, we assess the time it takes to complete your project (& or the project we're on), factor in travel time, and give you an exact time we will be there. The deposit option is for customers on a tight schedule. Your time is more valuable than your money.

We can provide you with an invoice. The prices on our website only reflect cash payments (credit card payments are at 6%). Any prices shown here do not reflect the final cost of a project, including deposits, if and when a customer takes advantage of the discounts that we offer through Facebook, Twitter, our Events specials (located to the left), or discounts on our website, or promotions we have on other platforms on the internet.

Our Insured work will not be subject to any Events special unless specified in detail on the Events page. This applies to work orders under $500.00, even if the work order is under $500.00, & subsequently goes over $499.99 because of the 6-8% credit card fee. If any of the previous statement applies to the work we're being commissioned to do, the event special or discount we offer will not apply.

No free estimates with in home/on location assessments in office spaces, residences, or apartments.

All work orders commissioned, must establish that all materials needed for the job to be performed, are at the location when we arrive.  We bring screws/anchors/tools/ourselvesAny missing parts (from an opened box or an open box item/second hand/previously used own item), are your responsibility*. Work commissioned under these circumstances, will be charged half of the full payment for the completed job, if we cannot perform the work.

*If the manufacturer did not include them, we will ONLY charge you to find/locate the correct part, in addition to the cost of the part.  The fee for finding/locating the correct part is between $20.00 and $60.00, which depends on the size/price of the part.

Check & Credit Card Payment (detailed in full)

The New York City handyman for you has different payment options available too (Our PayPal seal is official and is tied to our bank account as verification.  Our 9 year track record with PayPal is flawless):

Official PayPal Seal
Square up logo4% additional charge

6% additional charge

Home businesses may pay by check (Check must have home business/company/corp letterhead/address). All Paper Check{s}(7%) & Credit Card payments incur a 4-6% fee in addition to the full payment for services rendered. We do accept payroll checks, unless they are issued in advance and are part of the agreed upon work order. 

Square payment's not accepted Friday-Sunday

Service Charges & Payment Methods:
No Checks accepted on the weekends. Electronic Checks or E-checks carry a 15% additional fee.

All insured work orders, and work orders made with credit/debit card will be video documented, before, during, and after work is completed.
*We've had service request as far out as California for last minute work in an office during the holidays. If the company you're calling for/from doesn't have payroll checks/petty cash/credit card (or PayPal) available for immediate or advanced payment, we cannot assist you.
We can provide paper receipts for all work orders, upon partial or full payment of our services or confirm it via business e-mail (at our discretion). Payment by Corporate Check/Cash/Money order/Credit-Debit Card Only. Corporate Payroll checks accepted. No Personal Checks whatsoever.
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