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Good day,

My name is Lawrence, owner and operator at Choice Green.  I've been a handyman in New York City for about 8-9 years, give or take a few months.  We've just recently been insured.  This has been one wild ride, and over the last 2 months, we've had more work that you can shake a stick at.

While we've been a little overwhelmed at times, we've never forsaken the quality of work we've been known for, B.I. (Before Insurance).  A.I. (After insurance), we've gone on to accomplish a great deal for a small business in a short period of time.

We want to say thank you. We really appreciate it.

That is all.

The ONE thing you should NEVER tell a handyman (or anyone else for that matter).

We have done an immeasurable amount of work in New York City over the past 10 years, & the #1 thing we hear from customers is "It's easy". The second thing we hear is "It's simple".  We really shouldn't have to explain how irresponsible both of these previous statements are.

One: You're not the person doing the work.

Two: If someone came into your office from another division, or another company, or even off the street, & has NEVER worked in your department, doing the work that you've been doing for 10 years, & proceeded to tell you, "your job is easy", to justify NOT paying you what you know you're worth, or lowering the salary you've earned through experience, you MIGHT feel a little "upset".

Well, not to put it too mildly, your blood might boil.

So, now that you have on our loafers, please, step forward & continue to explain to us just how easy our work is.

We've worked as 9-5er's in the corporate setting before. Lawrence at Georgeson Shareholders on Wall street & Kenny at BMW.  We know what it's like in that environment. Does anyone have any idea what it's like in ours? We chose this particular career without complaint, but to believe that the career is easy, without hands on experience, does not show any respect.

Being fair & balanced is not something that is inherent. That only comes from experience.

A rather unsual Handyman Request - Home Theater Installation

This recent Yahoo story inspired me to make this posting

We could have turned our clients away when we've gotten unusual requests. When presented with a challenge, a hit or miss mentality doesn't cut it when you're a service professional.  New York City apartments, (unbeknownst to these inanimate objects) are going up against Native New Yorkers, who've seen just about every a prewar building could throw at them, including completed jobs like the one below:
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Television installation Manhattan Bowery -Lower East Side
Nolita Bowery Lower East Side New YorkTelevision installationhttp://www.nyctvmountingikea.comhttp://www.choicegreen.org!-30133346...

The C in CB2 stands for Cupid

Ikea and the hopeless romantic

Have you ever fallen in love with a setup that you've seen at Ikea, only to have what comes in the box, not meet your expectations when you get home?

We've gone with customers on field trips to Ikea and have gotten schooled in the art of deception. It would be wrong to refer to it as false advertising, but you would be mistaken to believe that what you see is what you get. One particular piece we observed, had 2-3 times the amount of nails in the back you would normally be provided with.

Even a few of their setups are professionally altered to entice you to purchase them. Even BestBuy, Sears, and P.C. Richards engage in the practice. How so? Most televisions come from overseas. Most of them have the same inner workings, regardless of the brand. What you see in most stores is a representation of what can happen when the picture, color, and sound of one "less expensive" brand, without the prestige of having a heralded label like Samsung or Sony. The settings are sometimes altered, so a Dynex or White Westinghouse, don't look as attractive as their more expensive brothers and sisters.

Do the more expensive brands deserve the reverence they get? In the case of West Elm vs. Ikea, yes. The verdict concerning Fujitsu vs. Magnavox, it's a toss up. Our point is, don't give your heart away, even when you wear it on your sleeve. Talk to someone who's had a long "relationship" with the item you desire. Happy early valentine's day.

Written by Lawrence "The Lothario" Land.

We simply must refuse.

Something we refuse to do.

Paying for the sins and inadequacies of other handymen.

Something we refuse to do.

Negotiate our prices based on what another handyman charges. E&E. Expenses & Experience. This website isn't free. We offer 10% off for liking our Facebook page, or 15% off for leaving us a blog comment/suggestion.

Something we refuse to do.

Give our clients less than everything, so they have to call us back, or something even worse. They have to call another handyman, because the job we did was not completed correctly the first time.
We won't lie to you about what we're capable of doing, just to get the job.

Something we refuse to do.

Vote for any one on American Idol after they dismissed Daughtry.

We here at Choice Green have been doing a lot more with ourselves these days.  The above are things that we don't do.

We also don't do windows of time.  We don't fudge facts for our personal gain. We don't allow another handyman's prices, work ethic, laziness, or lack of realism, or previous customers issues (being realistic we don't please everyone with the questions we ask regarding the work, or our explanations of why some projects cost more than others), dictate to us how we treat each and every individual.

Since you're now familiar with what we don't do, here for your viewing pleasure, are a few of the things we will always agree to.

We will call you if we are behind schedule due to traffic, or another customer (It happens and it is realistic. We keep our schedule based on these 2 criterion.  Doesn't always help us if the previous customer isn't concerned with your time, an elected official is in town, or the new IPhone is upon us).

We video catalog all of our work and have all details of the job e-mailed or text to us for our records.

We do ask questions regarding the work before we get there.

We do not do "Simple Task".  We don't perform arduous work.  We simply do what it is that we are compensated for.  Nothing more. Nothing less. No labels on how easy or difficult anything is.

We only purchase supply materials for work over $100.00 if called for, outside of the anchors and tools we bring with us on all of our jobs.  We bring out our own anchors and tools, paid for out of our own pocket. We have extensive knowledge concerning the areas of television & home theater installation.

We hope that you can appreciate our transparency and honesty.  We interact with each of our customers personally. People don't give us video testimonials because they "feel" like they're getting personalized service.  It's because they truthfully are. Each time. Every time. Best Buy & PC Richards can't deliver that.  Other handymen wish they could. 7 years of service to New York City. The same phone number for 5 years.  Yes. We are who we say we are.

Lawrence Land.  Owner, Operator, Blogger, Handyman.

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