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We are a local New York City Small Business.

Good day,
This is Lawrence from Choice Green. Thank you for viewing our website. We Are INSURED (1 over 2 million dollars in general liability insurance). We also have someone who can fabricate blueprints for kitchen, bathroom, and closet designs.

"WE'RE GOING TO CHARGE YOU FOR WORK WE'RE NOT DOING, AND MATERIALS THAT WE HAVEN'T PURCHASED FOR YOUR PROJECT."- Sincerely, The average handyman service & or Big Box Chain Store installation service.

While Best Buy's Geek Squad, Ikea's Urban Express, or any other company & or service, will never officially make a statement like this, that happens more often than not, with either miscommunication or omission of information, from companies like them, as well as many other handyman services in the New York City area (not to mention the 2 week window they give you for tax).
Why pay the same price to have a 32 inch television installed on a sheetrock wall in Brooklyn, at the cost of an 80 inch television installed on a Brick wall in North East New Jersey? Factoring in the charge for gas and tolls, or additional labor, shouldn't even be in the budget, if it's not a factor.


Regarding details:
While details aren't attractive, and answering questions about the work we're being commissioned for, seems like an interrogation, our intention is to ONLY have a customer pay for services that we ACTUALLY perform.


As of 11/4/14, we've been in business for 10 years. As a special offer, we'll be installing televisions, 50 inches and under on DRYWALL or SHEETROCK, for $175.00, if paying with cash or credit (through PayPal reader).

WIRE CONCEALMENT INSIDE OF SHEETROCK OR DRYWALL, FREE (must be a vertical concealment of the wires, in the same room, and cannot exceed 5 wires) (CROSS BEAMS AND FIRE STOP INTRUSIONS, ARE AT AN ADDITIONAL COST)

INSTALLATION ON A BRICK WALL, OR CONCRETE WALL (please read NOT cement, cement, will be at an additional cost), FREE.

Any installation work requiring a ladder (for the install), or if the work needs to be performed on a ladder, will be at an additional cost, determined by the scope of the work.

This special is only valid on Weekdays, between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, until further notice, and not to be combined with ANY of our other specials, deals or discounts, advertised anywhere on this website, or another website, where our information is published  (Brooklyn and Manhattan only. All details on our Home Theater page).

We at Choice Green have specific pricing, so that we are NOT charging you for things that we're NOT doing.  The more specific the details you provide us with, the more accurate the price quote. We prefer NOT to have a price that covers everything that we could possibly run in to. The more information provided,  the more accurate the price quote, and we do NOT cut corners.
We don't know until we ask.  Vice Versa.  We are detail oriented

Official PayPal Seal

We text/e-mail to confirm all details of work.
Work requiring supplies, outside of screws/nails/anchors, requires deposit.

Video testimonial from Gordon, a repeat customer from February 2012 (almost 13 months before we purchased insurance).  Here's the recent work that we did for him, 2/6/14:
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Repeat customer video testimy. 2nd 70 inch tv,

Call or text 347-992-1870, or e-mail us at (may take up to 24 hours for an e-mail response).

****Visit the General Handyman link to the left, to view ALL of the services we provide.**** We now do in house moving.  Need to move your furniture around your apartment? Need someone who insured? Have elderly parents who aren't able to lift that sofa to find the remote? We can  move amoires, glass tables, disassemble and reassemble in different rooms in the house. Even if you need assistance moving things from the basement to the living room & vice versa. 

Recent work we did at a Restaurant in New York City called Pan De Sal (4 days before the 2014 Superbowl) Part 1:
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Pan de sal tv mounting new york city manhattan mounting of 2 televisions at pan de sal

Part 2
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Pan de sal tv wall mounting nyc insured handyman
In the midst of mounting a television for pan de sal

Part 3
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Pan de sal main tv install new york city
Final part of the main television installation

Below is a video testimonial from a repeat customer, for whom we mounted a television for on a brick wall (Cobble Hill Brooklyn, New York).  At the time we had licensed and insured experience, but were not insured.  We had to make sure it was extremely secure, because the customer had a child that was a year old, at the time.  One of the main reasons why he called us back, was not just due to our reputation & consistency (we've had the same phone number for 7+ years), but because after removing the television from the mount himself, he could not remove the mount we installed.
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TV install BEFORE insurance, on Brick Wall, Brooklyn Cobble Hill. Choice Green
A television installation in the Cobble Hill Section of Brooklyn New York CityWe were trusted to mount this television for a customer with a 1 year old BEFORE we were insured (at the time we had lic...

We work holidays.  Additional fee applies.

Some of the more recent work we've done. Swapping out a previously installed 46 inch television for a 50 inch television.  4 part video. The other 3 parts are on our Youtube Channel, which can be viewed by click on the Youtube link, which will bring you to our channel (575 Broadway, New York City, for Security Industry Specialist, 6/7/13):
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Choice Green Handyman/Contracting TV install for Security Industry Specialist-575 Broadway NY
Television installation/swap out. 46 inch to 50 inch television for Security Industry Specialist in Lower Manhattan New York City575 Broadway New YorkChoice Green Handyman & Contractinght...

We now have OVER 30 video testimonials from new and repeat customers.  Ari had us mount 2 televisions for him over 3 years ago, before we had insurance.  Here is the most recent work we completed for him, which included dismantling an Ikea wardrobe, and moving it into another room in his apartment.  5/17/13
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Choice Green NYC handyman 30+ video reviews by customers
Ikea disassembly and reassembly and television wall mounting, from customer who called us over 4 years agoCall or text 347-992-1870we are insured

Recent work we've done
We don't only handle high end pieces, but when we do, we excel. The assembly of the freestanding kitchen assembly & from Bulthaup in New York city. The website can be seen here. A very high end piece (discount retail cost, $14,999.99),  that we installed without the instructions. Just 2 men, years of experience, $1,950.00 paid via PayPal , & 3 hours later, Voilà: (for more work that we've completed, like the kitchen demolition & the two 80 inch tv's we installed in 2012, are on the link above to the right, entitled work in progress):

Free standing kitchen part 1
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freestanding kitchen part 1

Free standing part 2
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freestanding kitchen part 2

Free standing part 3
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freestanding kitchen part 3

WE CAN EVEN WORK LATE NIGHT, WHEN NEEDED ($60.00 & up additional cost. Full price of the project paid in full before or upon arrival). Proof in the video below (4/4/13, 10:30pm ):
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Handyman New York City Insured Television installation 10pm at night Brooklyn New York
We installed 2 television for this customer after hours in Brooklyn, for just $50.00 more than we typically charge. We work with you. We are insured. We cover New York City and we are able to assist...

Below, a video testimonial from 1 of 2 clients we installed 4 televisions for on 3/23/13, before we purchased insurance on 3/25/13.

We preformed the work below on 3/23/13 without insurance.
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BEFORE we had insurance. Now INSURED Tv install wall mount Brick wall New York Choice Green
This is a video testimonial from Will on 3/23/13, who is 1 of the 2 clients we installed 2 tv's for this weekend. 4 televisions mounted WITHOUT insurance. Our reputation has been on the line for 7 y...

Why our new customer left us a video testimonial:
It's what we at Choice Green have referred to as "The Sword in the Stone" guarantee. A guarantee we offered over 7 years before we had insurance. This guarantee doesn't just apply to masonry walls (brick/concrete/concrete-plaster/cement), it also extends to sheet rock & drywall as well. With that being said, brick is one of the toughest surfaces to mount anything on. We've seen contractors typically use 8-12 screws to mount a television to the wall, mainly when mounting televisions on masonry walls. We were able to do it with just 6 screws. Even with a "small" amount of security, the customer, as he stated in the video above, was able to put his entire body weight on the mount comfortably, without it so much as budging an inch.

We clean up after we work (This is our 2nd, 2 television customer of the day.  Repeat customer from 2 years ago) 3/23/13:
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Clean up after television installation for repeat customer. Choice Green Handyman New York City
We've been insured all of 3 hours, but we've had licensed and insured experience for 7 years, and you can see here, just why we've had customers for as long as we have.5 years with the same number...

We've made history. 
We just received a 2nd Video testimonial from repeat customer Justin D.  We've put up an 80 inch television for him, assembled Ikea furniture, commissioned to demolish his kitchen, & yesterday completed the wall mounting of two 8x4 foot white boards in his office building. Here's the video testimonial:

 2/5/13 Video testimonial Dumbo Brooklyn New York City Office Installation Business to Business Project for Guidebits, located in Brooklyn.
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Justin 2nd Video Testimonial Choice Green Handyman New York City
We've just made history. We've received our 2nd video testimonial from repeat customer Justin.We've been hired by Justin 4 times so far, to wall mount his 80 inch television, assemble Ikea Furnitu...
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80 inch television Choice Green TV installs - Ikea Brooklyn NYC New York City
Television Installation Brooklyn New York City DumboWires hidden inside of the wall Drywall/Sheetrockhttp://www.nyctvmountingikea.com!-...

Trust is hard to come by. That's why we have multiple testimonials on different platforms like Thumbtack, Google Places/Maps, but we didn't stop there. We have Video Testimonials & Video of projects we've done before & after, but we didn't stop there either. We're Department of Justice Smart Search Verified through Thumbtack. 

IKEA kitchen cabinet assembly and installation Yonkers/Riverdale New York (Bronx area) 1st week of December 2012
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Ikea kitchen cabinet installation-Yonkers New York
installation of Ikea kitchen cabinets by choice green.
Home theater installation Harlem New York city 2 weeks before Christmas December 2012

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Video testimonial west Harlem home theater install
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Microwave Oven Installation, Midtown Manhattan, 2012
Television Installation, Williamsburg Brooklyn 2012

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Tv installation roadblock demolished
Williamsburg Brooklyn New York Television installation running - hiding wires inside of sheet rock drywall Coaxial Cable Setup Router and Modem Setup...

$10,000.00 projector installed by us for under $2,500.00 ($2,000.00 to be exact)
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Choice Green $10,000.00 projector Installation Union Square Manhattan 1


We offer service to offices/restaurants/bars/residential/commercial spaces. From apartment buildings to home based businesses.
Restaurants like Saxson & Parole.  No project is too small.
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Saxon & Parole French Fry Maching Installation Part 1
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Insured for Home Theater System installation, Handyman Service, & Contracting in New York City. Ikea Furniture Assembly in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, & Manhattan.
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