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At Choice Green, we are equipped to administer a number of general handyman services.

Handyman Services, Brooklyn, NY

Handyman Services, New York, NY

Choice Green Handyman Services, Painting, Microwave oven installation & More 

For residential properties, we can provide anything from mounting TV sets, to hanging curtains, blinds and art work onto the walls. Assembly of outdoor patio furniture & playground equipment/swing sets, in addition to porch swings, & much more.

Deposit required for all first time work orders, with or without supplies. Deposit information is accompanied by our Tax ID number, & Company Logo.  Upfront payment for labor and supplies required for all work, commissioned from outside the area of New York City. 

If your building requires more than 1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage, or 2 million in blanket umbrella coverage for insurance, it is best not to have us come in and perform assessments or to do any actual physical labor/work.

Details are important to us, so that we only charge, for the work we're being commissioned to do.  The more details we have, the more accurate the quote (We do not like to give estimates, which leave room for pricing errors, in regards to the materials we're working with, the materials we're commissioned to provide, and the conditions in which we are commissioned to work under)

We also seal brick & masonry work.

If you have a problem with brick dust, but want to keep the look of the brick that you have, and prevent dust from piling up around it, without it having a shellacked or shiny appearance, we can assist you with that.

All General Handyman/services work minimum for flat rate projects, start at $115.00 {Manhattan & Brooklyn}

Return visit minimum $70.00 and up - for all boroughs:  

$150.00 minimum flat rate for all other boroughs (Bronx, Queens)

$175.00 flat rate minimum for Jersey City, Hoboken, Newport Mall areas of New Jersey.

$225.00 flat rate minimum for Staten Island & Long Island

Hourly Rates, do not cover the following work:

Ceiling fan installations

Microwave Oven Installations

Anything being installed on to a tiled surface

Television Installations

Projector Installations

Cabinets Installations

Decorative pieces or art that require 2 or more men to install.

Air Conditioner Installations

Hourly rates are as follows:

$55.00 an hour, per man, not including installation (hanging cabinets on walls or ceilings), for Brooklyn & Manhattan. 3 hour minimum. No minimum after 3 hours, if paying cash.

If paying via credit card $65.00 per hour, per man (Brooklyn & Manhattan only), with a 3 hour minimum.

Additional $35.00 and up separate charge to travel outside of Brooklyn & Manhattan (additional fee is NOT an hourly rate) 

Hourly Rate Sight Unseen ($70.00 per hour/per man) 3 hour minimum

Without details of the walls, items, or working conditions that we're going to encounter (prior information, to determine what's needed, in regards to supplies/labor/tools.  This price does not include supplies.
(Brooklyn & Manhattan only) Additional $35.00 and up separate charge to travel outside of Brooklyn & Manhattan (additional fee is NOT an hourly rate)

(no drilling into brick/concrete/cement after 5pm on weekdays, unless it's a house or private residence, so as not to disturb your neighbors)

*Exterior Plumbing issues: Light plumbing issues from shower head clogs/shower head replacement, to bathroom sink replacement/bathroom faucet replacement-repair, exterior plumbing pipe replacement. Kitchen Sink replacement.

* Closet installation/Closet fabrication

*Bifold/Bi-Fold Door Installation

* Demolition (Non Structural) Bathroom, Kitchen, Closet

*Closet Organization

*Barbecue Grill assembly (no propane tank installation)

*Murphey/Murphy BED installation

*Loft BED Installation/Fabrication

*Cord concealment/organization

* Infrared & Radio Frequency (also known as RF) Setup

& Installation

* We can seal and protect brick walls & masonry work (prices for this start at $240.00, INCLUDING all materials, except for the sealant itself).

* Wardrobe Assembly, Installation

* Mirror hanging.

*Painting services (Manhattan & Brooklyn) /Painters/

*Basement cleanout (clean-out/clean out) services (not including bin)

* Shelving/Shelf Installation

* Home theater/surround system Installation

* Dimmer Switch installation

*Bathroom vanity replacement/removal/installation

*Air Conditioner removal/replacement/installation

* Drywall repair/mold damage

* Shower Head Installation/Removal

* Ceiling fan Installation/Removal

* Lock replacement

* Door replacement

* Light fixture Installation/Removal

* Kitchen Cabinet Assembly & Installation/Removal - for wall mounting.

* Bathroom Sink/Bathroom Fixture Installation & Removal - plumbing or sink or faucet issues.

* Flat Screen -plasma/lcd/led television


* Removal/Installation of Patio/wooden/french doors &

locks-wooden/metal doors.

* Wireless Sound Bar & Sub-woofer Installation

* Home Gym Installation Equipment Setup.

* Microwave Oven Installation - if you're having your entire kitchen redone, you may be able to save on materials by having the Microwave oven installed before they install the tile or backsplash .

* Office Furniture Assembly for Commercial & Residential.

* Children's Furniture Assembly. 

* Home Furniture Assembly - All brands

*Closet system - Elfa Shelf System Installation

*Bi-fold Door installation & Door Installations (Fire doors cannot be covered by insurance as we do not have the certification to install them).

*Bed Assembly

*Carpet removal- 2-4 man job $65.00 per hour, 4 hour minimum. No minimum after 4 hours (does not include haul away)

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Fully Insured. Furniture Assembly.. Plumbing Shelving/Closets.Local Handyman Service - Brooklyn & Manhattan - Crown Heights / Park Slope
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