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                                           Payment Methods

Important information, in regards to onsite assessments

(this only applies to visits that absolutely must be done onsite):

Onsite assessments start at $55.00 & up (for 1 hour), including taking measurements (when the names/pictures of spaces/items cannot be sent)

If anything has to be moved/removed, or if furniture needs to be lifted (weighing more than 50 lbs), there will be an additional $25.00 & up charge.

If more than one man is required to lift and move any piece of furniture/artwork during an assessment (items exceeding more than 40lbs), an additional charge (not including the 2 previously mentioned fees), of $45.00, & up.

The above prices reflect a cash payments.

Deposit required for all first time work orders, outside of the Borough of Brooklyn:

with or without supplies. Deposit information is accompanied by our Tax ID number, & Company Logo.  Upfront payment for labor and supplies required for all work, commissioned from outside the area of New York City.  For work commissioned within the New York City area, once work is done, payment must completed within 4 hours of satisfactory completion.

Work orders commissioned, that include supplies, that do not leave a deposit, must pay within 2 hours of completion of the work.

If your building requires more than 1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage, or 2 million in blanket umbrella coverage for insurance, we cannot assist you.


In regards to 3rd Party information/work commissioned from outside of New York:

Once we are granted access to any venue, place of business, or residence, labor work has begun (taking into consideration travel time, supplies {barring deposits}).


All work scheduled on holidays, has to be paid upfront (via PayPal deposit).  Sales, deals, discounts & specials, do not apply on any holiday.

If work is not paid for on the day of, there will be an additional $95.00 fee, once our business hours end on that day.

If work is not paid for on the following day, there will be an additional $50.00, an each subsequent day after, until the work total is paid in full.*

*(This policy does not apply to companies, that pay NET 10, or NET 14, or NET 30)

*(This policy does not apply to work that last more than 1 day {8 hour day/24 hour period})

*(This policy does not apply to pre-approved cash payments).

An additional $75.00 {and up} fee is attached to any work we are commissioned to do, within 2 hours of request.


Payroll & Company checks are accepted at 7% additional fee, after text message picture confirmation, including signature, sent via email or text message, confirming the amount of the check, and that the work has been completed satisfactorily.

                                                Credit Cards

ALL credit cards & debit cards must be physically present, legible, signed, & functional.

We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone, for any reason (this does NOT apply to companies & businesses located outside of New York City).


The following statements regarding PayPal transactions

5/1/16. All PayPal © transactions/sales/deposits on labor are final.  No refunds or charge backs on deposits/labor/supplies.  All return visits are a minimum of $70.00. Request for deposit refunds, will only be honored within 24 hours of the initial payment. All work, with payments made through PayPal (upon completion of work), are binding and final.  The person making the payment, and person who is to sign off on the work, with picture, and text/email confirmation that the work has been done/completed. Any deposit, where the work is not started/initiated, within 5 -6 days of the deposit being made/left, will forfeit the deposit without refund (unless specified upon request for the deposit). American Express/Amex not accepted.

No exceptions.