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In order for us to assist you, we must have access to functional shut off valves, the cut off the water supply to the apartment/business/residential space/home, where the plumbing issue exist.

If there are any items that need to be removed/moved ( ie: cabinets, garbage disposals, etc.), for us to get to the problem at hand, we need to be made aware, before we arrive, as there will be an additional charge to remove or move them, in order to get to the work we're commissioned for.

If we are not made aware of these things before we arrive, since we do charge an additional fee to remove or move these items, and you decide not to proceed with the work, there will be a minimum service visit fee of at least $75.00 for our time, and travel expenses.

The prices below include the following: tools, labor, & one roll of plumbers tape

Hourly rates start at 85.00 an hour (cash or credit), with a 2 hour minimum. We ALSO offer flat rates (see price below paragraph 3). Neither Hourly rates, nor flat rates, include supplies, outside of plumbers tape. 

Any plumbing work (site unseen: i.e., not knowing any details of the work required, prior to) that isn't detailed before we arrive, is $130.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum (which reflects a cash payment, and does not include supplies).

Prices (Flat Rate) start at $160.00 cash or credit, if paying flat rate

Deposit required for all first time work orders, with or without supplies. Deposit information is accompanied by our Tax ID number, & Company Logo.  Upfront payment for labor and supplies required for all work, commissioned from outside the area of New York City.

If your building requires more than 1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage, or 2 million in blanket umbrella coverage for insurance, it is best not to have us come in and perform assessments or to do any actual physical labor/work.

Installation of shower heads, faucets (bathroom/kitchen sinks), toilet pumps, bathroom vanity/vanities, etc.

Details are important to us, so that we only charge for the work we're being commissioned to do.  The more details we have, the more accurate the quote (We do not like to give estimates, which leave room for pricing errors, in regards to the materials we're working with, the materials we're commissioned to provide, and the conditions in which we are commissioned to work under)

Here, in the below video, we stopped a glass shower door, from leaking water, onto the bathroom floor:

              Dishwasher Installation Brooklyn, N.Y.

We have a variety of knowledge in the plumbing area, including the replacement of Dual Flush Sloan Valves, for commercial and residential toilets and commodes.

We also replace bathroom vanities!

Most specialty plumbing supply stores, do not open on the weekends, in New York City.  The ones that do, are usually at a premium, as they carry items that Home Depot and Lowes, do not have in stock.

The only 24 hour hardware store in New York City, that carries an assortment of supplies, ranging from sheetrock, to plumbing supplies, to television wall mounts, usually has a price tag, that is almost double what you would normally pay.

Please call us for details, as our experience expertise, is limited to cosmetic, and external plumbing. If the plumbing issue, is inside of the wall, we cannot assist you.

We've replaced toilets, sinks, dishwashers (electric dishwashers only), kitchen & bathroom faucets, installed shower heads, etc.

Any service that is completed, out of the presence of the person who commissioned it, or paid for it, that is not deemed satisfactory, after 24 hours, there will be an additional charge of at least 70.00 and up, not including supplies, upon return visit.

15% discount on all rates and services, when paying with Euro Currency, via PayPal.  Some rules and restrictions may apply, based on the schedule and scope of the work.

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