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Television Installation special, same day only. Manhattan & Brooklyn only special. $140.00 cash, up to 55 inch televisions. Wall mount NOT included. Credit card payments are not available for this special.

Drywall (no brick/concrete underneath) only. Wire concealment NOT included. Television must be LCD/LED.

Moving television/furniture from another room, NOT included. Unmounting television currently installed, NOT included.

Ends 4/30/17 at 6pm EST. 

Thank you for contacting us. Please expect a phone call from 347-992-1870.
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                                                             Television Installation Prices
        (prices shown below reflect cash payments, unless you click on the link provided)

Web Store (above) & Custom television installation:

If you want to fill out the check box form, located at the bottom of the page, we can assist you, without having to have you answer any additional questions, via phone/text/email.

The checklist is for television installations that DO NOT fit the following criteria, that are included in the purchase of any product in the web store:

Manhattan & Brooklyn.  Covers televisions that measure 32 inches (measured diagonally), to 60 inches. Wall mount NOT provided by us.  The top of the television installation, must not be mounted higher than 6 feet off the ground. Does not include mounting to a glass/tiled/mirrored surface. Wire concealment up to 4 feet, for 3 cords, INCLUDED. Television cannot exceed 40-50 lbs.

If you would like to contact us, & simply give us the details of your home theater, television, or projector installation project, and you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, feel free to call us at 347-992-1870.

You may also text us at that number as well. 

Deposit required for all first time work orders, with or without supplies. Deposit information is accompanied by our Tax ID number, & Company Logo.  Upfront payment for labor and supplies required for all work, commissioned from outside the area of New York City. 

If your building requires more than 1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage, or 2 million in blanket umbrella coverage for insurance, it is best not to have us come in and perform assessments or to do any actual physical labor/work.

How we charge for television installation:

1.  The size of the television, measured diagonally:

Size matters, and is the primary factor, in regards to how we charge. Television sizes typically start at 32, for the most common brands, such as Samsung, SONY, Panasonic, & Toshiba, whether they're 1080p, 720p, 480p, or 4KHD.  We've mounted two 80 inch televisions before, and the size of the television, the wall it's going on (Such as brick, concrete, sheetrock), as well as how high up it's being mounted, determine how many people are needed for an installation. Some older model televisions that are only 48 inches, can weigh 100lbs, & no one person can install that safely alone, especially if the television needs to be mounted high on the wall, using the aid of a ladder or if it's being secured to the ceiling.

2. Bracket type:

The bracket you have, may not fit your television, We can provide wall mounts, but it's best to contact us first, with the model number of the television, so we can make the distinction based on what you're looking for, so we can get it correct the first time.

3. Wall type:

Some walls are more difficult than others, & while brick wall television installation is straight forward, mounting a 60 inch television onto a sheetrock/drywall wall, with a one arm articulation wall mount, that doesn't have a metal/wooden stud in it, or a stud located close to where you want the television to go, will pose a problem in regards to stability.

Knowing whether we're drilling into concrete (which is used to make cinder blocks), or cement (which is why jackhammers are used to dig into the sidewalk), is very important in determining the amount of work involved in completing the job.  Some older buildings have walls that are very thin, even if they're dense.  Some older brownstones have brick/cement installed right behind the sheetrock/plaster-concrete facade.

4. Location:

The only information we require is the borough where the work is located.  We do not need the cross streets, or specific address prior to.  If you do live in a walk up, please let us know before we arrive, so that we don't carry unnecessary tools, up flights of stairs, as a courtesy to us.  Thank you.


$165.00 Same Day TV installation Special
Manhattan and Brooklyn Only. The request must come through the same day.
The television cannot be more than 60 inches, & cannot weight more than 50 lbs (All television screens, are measured by their width diagonally across the screen)

You provide your own wall mount, in regards to the above special
This does not include mounting the top of television higher than 6 feet from the floor, hiding the wires inside or outside of the wall.

Installation does not cover swivel/articulation/arm mounts, that can only be mounted on single stud.

Please fill out the form below, before payment.
Thank you for contacting us. Please expect a phone call from 347-992-1870.
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       80 Inch Television Installation, Dumbo Brooklyn N.Y.

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