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Below, video of the Ikea kitchen Counter top, we were commissioned to cut to size, at the last minute, on a Saturday evening, after business hours:
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Please expect a phone call from 347-992-1870. Thank you for contacting us.
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Deposit required for all first time work orders, with or without supplies. Deposit information is accompanied by our Tax ID number, & Company Logo.  Upfront payment for labor and supplies required for all work, commissioned from outside the area of New York City. 

If your building requires more than 1 million dollars in general liability insurance coverage, or 2 million in blanket umbrella coverage for insurance, it is best not to have us come in and perform assessments or to do any actual physical labor/work.


15% discount on all rates and services, when paying with Euro Currency, via PayPal.  Some rules and restrictions may apply, based on the schedule and scope of the work.

Do you want to hang your Ikea Doors on, old/existing non-IKEA cabinets?

Do you want to install Ikea cabinets, with doors, that didn't come from Ikea?

We can do that.

We can fabricate blueprints for Kitchen, bathroom, and closet designs. The price per room (not including our in home assessment fee of $45.00 and up) is $45.00 and up, if paying cash.  Add $10.00 if paying by credit card.

If you require an entire apartment/house, please email/call us with the details, and we can give you a quote.

The details you provide us with, are just as important, if not much more important than the tools and expertise we provide you with. Those details, assist us, with bringing you the best possible service.

Any Service that we perform, that is not paid in full, is not covered under warranty or insurance.

Any service that is completed, out of the presence of the person who commissioned it, or paid for it, that is not deemed satisfactory, after 24 hours, there will be an additional charge of at least 70.00 and up, not including supplies, upon return visit.

In regards to the fees associated with Assembly, and or Assembly/Installation, or Installation alone, any prices we give to you, will be based on a project by project basis.

We cover Office and Residential Kitchen Cabinet Assembly & Installation, in the New York City Area.

Our in home estimates start at $175.00, depending on your location in the New York City area. Walk through assessments include the following: 1- 2 men, measuring tape, up to 1 hour of assessment, moving furniture is necessary.

We can get a better understanding of what you would like done ( we do not cut countertops), by filling out this short questionnaire, below.

If you prefer a walk through, or you simply decide to move forward, having us install your Kitchen cabinets, we will require detailed item list, sku numbers, and/or model numbers, of all cabinets, drawers, handles, lazy Susan's, etc., so that we provide you with an accurate price quote, and not an estimate.

If there any time constraints on the completion of work, we will have to know this before hand, and there will be additional fees, based on how far in advance we are able to assist you, and the scope of the work.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call/text 347-992-1870.

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